Program Introduction

Queer New York International Arts Festival 2016 takes place from September 20th to October 2nd. We have come to the fifth edition of the festival. Over 150 artists have been on our stages over the years and we have presented dance, theatre, live art and music performances from all parts of the globe as well as from around US and NYC. Our festival is proud to have presented many international artists for the first time in the US and we have always been dedicated to providing space to challenging ideas, artistic experiments and risk-taking. Not because it all sounds good on paper or in the grant applications but because we believe in it.

Queer New York has been a personal project in many ways and as such it has been that much more important that it finds its place in a busy New York festival landscape.
This year we work with a number of venues, some of them our partners for many years already and some are our new friends.
This festival has been an incredible experience for everyone involved and we have always been excited to learn about new queer horizons.
Queer is about (an)other in ourselves as well, and this festival has always been looking for ways in which we can be the other, because we all sometimes are. See you at our events, be yourselves, be the other in yourselves. Queer New York – be there.
Zvonimir Dobrovic
Artistic Director