Oral history of homosexuality in Croatia 1945 – 2000 @ Harriman Institute, Columbia University
Sep 26 @ 4:00 pm

Oral history of homosexuality in Croatia 1945 – 2000

discussion / book promotion

An Oral history of homosexuality in Croatia is the first book that collected the testimony of 25 LGBT people who lived in Croatia at the time when homosexuality was forbidden by law, when LGBT people were detained and subjected to public ridicule and nailed to the pillar of shame.

The main idea behind this research was to shed light on the existence of LGBTQ identities in Croatia in the period of 1945-2000; to reveal experiences of self-identifications, sexualities, behaviors and life styles which were mostly hidden and silent, denied, ignored or excluded by society and culture of those times. By producing this “unwritten history”, we wanted to testify to the ever-presence and historical continuity of our identities and expressions, and to confirm both uniqueness and commonality of LGBTQ experiences.

Nine years after its release in Croatian, in collaboration with Dean Vuletić, a historian who specializes in the cultural and political history of modern Europe, Domino published an English translation of the first Oral History of Homosexuality in Croatia ever written. The original and English books were edited by Zvonimir Dobrovic and Gordan Bosanac, well known Croatian LGBTIQ activists and research was done by Amir Hodzic, Natasa Bijelic and Karmen Ratkovic.

The book will be presented by Zvonimir Dobrovic and guests.